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Termination, Demotion, Layoffs

Termination | Demotion | Layoffs | Unlawful Discharge

Employers can fire employees for any reason or no reason, as long as the employer’s motivation doesn’t violate a statute or contract, in general. Wrongful termination is a legal cause of action that claims the motivation behind the employer’s decision for termination, demotion or lay off was illegal and the ex-employee should be awarded damages, and/or get his or her job restored.

Wrongful termination claims normally are based on one of two issues,

  • The Termination Violates Public Policy: Society’s interests and needs are often spelled out in statutes prohibiting or mandating some kind of conduct. These laws include anti-discrimination statutes and laws protecting whistleblowers. If courts allow employees to suffer because they stood up to support or comply with these laws, this chilling effect will make enforcing these laws much more difficult.
  • Contract: Employers need to comply with contracts with employees. If it’s found an employer violated a contract and fired the employee, there may be a valid wrongful termination claim.

We help former employees and employers involved in claims of discharge for an unlawful purpose. We carefully listen to our clients, educate them about wrongful termination claims, investigate the facts surrounding the termination and zealously represent their interests and defend their legal rights. If you are someone who feels you’ve lost your job for an illegal reason, or an employer facing allegations of wrongful termination, contact our office today. There are time limits on filing legal actions. Waiting too long could result in losing your legal rights.