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“Whistleblower” laws protect employees who report wrongdoing to management or a government agency or who cooperate with a government investigation or testify during litigation. These laws forbid retaliation against employees who speak out. They cover issues including tax fraud, filing false claims with a government entity, illegal pollution, employment discrimination, workplace safety and wrongdoing by government entities.

The Bloom Firm represents both employees who’ve reported illegal or unethical activities and suffered as a result as well as employers who are wrongfully accused of retaliating against employees in these situations.

  • Employees feel that because they did the right thing their employers punished them because they exposed their wrongdoing.
  • Employers often feel that they’re the ones being punished because they need to treat all employees fairly and not look the other way if a complaining employee is not performing the jobs or violating company policies.

If you or your company is involved in a situation where wrongdoing is alleged and reported internally or to a government agency, these are very delicate matters that need to be handled with care by those on both sides of the issue. Statutes of limitations apply and there are deadlines by which legal actions need to be filed. Consult with an attorney to learn about your rights today. Contact our office so you can learn about whistleblower laws, how they work and how to protect yourself or your business.