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Unpaid Overtime | Lunch Breaks/Rest Breaks | Worker Misclassification

Unpaid Overtime | Lunch Breaks/Rest Breaks | Worker Misclassification

Employers and employees both want to be treated fairly. Employers need to get the most out of their workforce while controlling costs. Employees need to be paid the money rightfully owed them. The Bloom Firm helps clients involved in wage and hour matters, representing both employers wrongly accused of violating the law and employees whose wages have not been paid.

We help our clients in all situations that can result in wage and hour disputes.

  • We educate our clients on the applicable laws,
  • Help them navigate through the web of state and federal laws, and
  • Make sure their rights and interests are protected.

We help our clients concerning disputes whether an employee,

  • Should be paid for work during rest and lunch breaks,
  • Qualifies for overtime pay and how it should be calculated,
  • Has been misclassified as a salaried employee, instead of an hourly employee,
  • Is an independent contractor, not an employee.

Wage and hour issues are critical to both employers and employees. Payroll is often the biggest expense an employer has while if wages are not paid, workers can’t support their families or pay their bills. The law imposes time deadlines on your right to file suit. Consult with a lawyer right away to understand your rights before you lose them. No matter which side you stand on, if you have questions about wage and hour laws or need a consultation concerning what’s going on at work, contact us. We can help.