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Businesses live or die based on their intellectual property and how well it’s protected. We represent parties in legal disputes where one claims another has possession of intellectual property and is illegally using it to create unfair competition. These situations can arise when an executive or employee in possession of, or with knowledge of, sensitive information that’s allegedly being used to unfairly start a competitor or aid an existing one.

Whether you need to protect your company from illegal competition or feel you’ve been wrongly accused by a former employer of misusing trade secrets and threatening to sue you to deny you an opportunity to join or start a company, the Bloom Firm can help.

Contact our office so we can discuss the situation, the information as issue and how it may create unfair competition. We will explain the applicable laws, put together a plan to help you or your firm and help you reach your goals. Statutes of limitations apply so there are time limits to when a lawsuit can be filed. Don’t delay in learning about and protecting your rights.