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Retaliation is a legal claim which arises when an employee suffers because he or she did the right thing.

  • The employee may have complained of illegal discrimination, complained to management or to a government agency of possible wrongdoing, sought an accommodation for a disability or obtained a family medical leave.
  • If management is angry because the employee took such an action and wants to punish the employee and/or discourage others from doing the same, it could retaliate against the employee, which would violate applicable state and federal laws.

The Bloom Firm helps both workers and employers concerning these types of claims. We protect the rights of employees who may have been demoted, had their pay cut or discharged because they complied with or sought the protection of the law. We also represent employers who treat their employees fairly and legally but face a retaliation claim from a disgruntled employee.

Handling situations where retaliation may be an issue can require great care and knowledge of the law. If you feel your employer has retaliated, or may retaliate, against you for some lawful act, or you manage an employer with an employee who you fear may claim retaliation, or has already done so, contact The Bloom Firm so we can discuss the situation and your options on how to best move forward.

Don’t wait to in reach out to our office. There are time limits on filing lawsuits. A legal action filed too late will probably be dismissed and you will lose your ability to seek a remedy to your situation.