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Federal, state, and even local laws provide sources of protection against invasion of privacy by employers into the lives of their employees. While an employer may want to ensure that a job applicant is the right person for the job and that employees are not doing anything improper or illegal, there are limits to what an employer can do. The Bloom Firm represents both employers and employees in this developing field of law.

There are several issues that can come up,

  • Under what circumstances can an employee’s desk, locker, car or person physically searched?
  • When and to what extent can employers test for drug use?
  • How much surveillance of employees is enough? Too much?
  • How much medical information should an employer seek and how should it be handled?
  • What happens to an employer when sensitive personal information about its employees is lost due to computer hacking or loss or theft of company laptops?

If you’re an employee who feels your privacy has been invaded by your employer, or you manage a business that is grappling with privacy and legal issues, the Bloom Firm can help. Contact us so we can discuss your situation, the applicable laws and put together a plan to protect your rights and interests.

Don’t wait. Contact us before legal deadlines prevent you from filing legal claims.