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Employers want to protect their companies and prevent employees from working for competitors. Employees want the freedom to leave for another job when the time is right to further their careers. These two desires collide in non-compete agreements, which are contracts that restrict where and when an employee can work for a competitor and what the employee can do.

These contracts normally need to be signed if a person wants to obtain or keep a job, so the employee needs to decide whether the job is worth a future restriction to his or her career. To be enforceable, judges normally decide if the terms are reasonable. Is it reasonable for the person to be prevented for the time period and geographic area in the contract from working in a certain field or doing a certain job?

Whether you manage a company that wants to create or enforce such an agreement, or are an employee or job applicant presented with such an agreement or want to challenge one you already signed, contact the Bloom Firm. We will take the time to learn about your situation, educate you about applicable laws and help negotiate a satisfactory resolution or litigate the issue on your behalf. But don’t waste any time contacting us. Lawsuits need to be filed within strictly enforced deadlines or they will probably be dismissed.