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Age | Sex | Sexual Orientation | Ethnicity | Religion | Disability

Age | Sex | Sexual Orientation | Ethnicity | Religion | Disability

Job applicants and employees should not be pre-judged or have adverse employment decisions made against them based on who they are. That’s the basis of state and federal laws that protect workers from illegal employment discrimination. The Bloom Firm fights hard for the rights of employees and job applicants, as well as employers wrong accused of violating these laws.

  • There are federal and state laws that prohibit negative employment decisions from being made based on a person’s age, sex, ethnicity, religion or disability.
  • Other than protections for federal employees, there is no federal law prohibiting discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation, though nearly half the states have such laws on the books.
  • The actions covered by these laws include hiring, firing, lay offs, discipline, pay rates, demotions, promotions, harassment and terms and conditions of employment.

If a discrimination claim is filed beyond the applicable legal deadline it will probably be dismissed. If you’re an employer, this may be a viable defense to the lawsuit. If you’re an employee, this means you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible to learn about your rights and make sure they’re protected.

If you feel you are the victim of illegal employment discrimination, or are an employer facing allegations of such discrimination, contact the Bloom Firm so we can discuss the situation and put together a plan to protect your rights and interests.