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Most employees are protected by state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination against disabled employees and job applicants. That obligation by employers includes having to reasonably accommodate disabilities so an employee can perform the essential function of his or her job.

An employee may have a disability, be perceived as being disabled or have a record of a disability to be protected by these laws. There are also protections outlawing retaliation for seeking or obtaining a reasonable accommodation.

This area of law can be very complex factually and legally.  The Bloom Firm helps employers and employees navigate through these laws and regulations. We can fully inform you about disability law and how it impacts you or your business. The Bloom Firm can also litigate these cases on you or your company’s behalf, making sure your rights and legal protections are fully enforced.

If you have any questions or concerns about disability discrimination laws and how they apply to you or your business, contact us today. Because there are deadlines for these types of legal actions to be filed, don’t delay.