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Employers want to have certain matters held confidential by their employees. They may have invested a lot of money in developing a product design, a marketing strategy or a customer list. To protect their businesses, employers often want job applicants or employees to agree in employment contracts not to disclose certain information during, and for a time after, their employment.

These contracts need to cover a number of areas and must balance the costs of benefits of broad or specific language depending on the issue,

  • What information needs to be kept confidential?
  • Who, if anyone, can this information be disclosed to?
  • How long a period of time must confidentiality be maintained?
  • Can a disputed agreement be challenged in court or will it be subject to arbitration?

The Bloom Firm helps both employees and employers dealing with the issue of confidentiality agreements and their enforcement.

  • We can help employers craft an enforceable agreement that will meet their goals. If a signed contract has been violated, we can bring an enforcement action on behalf of your company.
  • We also help employees interpret proposed confidentiality agreements and suggest changes to protect your interests. We can also represent you if your employer or ex-employer accuses you of violating a confidentiality agreement.

If you have questions or concerns or need help preparing for litigation of a confidentiality agreement, contact the Bloom Firm today. Failing to file a legal action in a timely manner will probably result in its dismissal, so learn about the law and your rights so you can act before deadlines approach.