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Arbitration is a hot topic in employment law. It’s become an increasingly common way for employees and employers to air out their differences and obtain a decision concerning their disputes. It’s a means of alternate dispute resolution where an arbitrator, or panel of arbitrators, acts as a judge. The Bloom Firm represents both employees and employers in arbitration proceedings.

Unlike a trial in a court,

  • The arbitration could be kept confidential,
  • The amount of evidence the parties may be able to obtain may be limited,
  • The losing party may be responsible for the winning party’s legal fees and costs,
  • It’s one party or both who decides who will be the arbitrator(s), and
  • Decisions are very difficult to appeal to the court system.

Employers are increasingly requiring employees and those offered jobs to agree to bring any future legal disputes to arbitration, not to court. Parties already involved in a lawsuit may also opt for arbitration to reduce the time, effort and cost to come to a resolution of the dispute.

Contact the Bloom Firm if you need help with an arbitration issue, including a contract with an arbitration clause or representing you or your company in an arbitration proceeding. Reach out to us today because deadlines apply to your ability to protect your rights and interests.